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Isn't it fun to meet people on the same wavelength, those who understand your craving for color, texture, and busy fingers? They can't just sit and watch TV but must keep the hands moving. They knit, crochet, or quilt for everyone in the family, passing on heirlooms like their grandmothers before them? Then there are those who share your faith, or your heritage (in my case, British), or your aspirations to write for publication.

After leaving behind a supportive network in the Dallas area, I was excited to find a venue for taking classes and rent studio space at Art Shares, just a short drive from my new home in SE Kansas. We're visiting local churches, praying about where God wants us to serve.

I've voted as a Kansan, joined Sedan Business Women, and eaten out with the Red Hatters of Oz! I'm also going to check out Prairie Writers in Independence. Read More 
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