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DO YOU KNOW? A Carol for the Family

Snug on a bed of cattle straw, Jesus lies sleeping.
Why is His mother weeping? Do you know?
In awe that the Father chose her the Christ Child to bear,
And gratitude that He has placed her in Joseph's care.

Over a field near Bethlehem, angels are singing.
Whose message are they bringing? Do you know?
They tell shepherds of a baby, like no other one:
Emmanuel, the Promised Savior, God’s only Son.

Wise men, from eastern desert lands, sky maps are reading.
Where is that bright star leading? Do you know?
It points to the King of Heaven; all prophets concur.
Go honor Him with gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh.

While, in the stillness of the night, Joseph is dreaming,
What is King Herod scheming? Do you know?
To kill little boys from envy. Leave Bethlehem fast!
The family must hide in Egypt 'til danger has passed.

Then, at the town of Nazareth, Jesus runs playing.
How is His mother praying? Do you know?
For wisdom to guide His footsteps, from childhood to man,
With strength to carry out completely salvation’s plan.

Image, words, and music by Hazel Spire.
Tune DECEMBER SERENADE available on request. Read More 
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