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1. It’s a CHALLENGE to transform an image (your own or from a pattern) into a new medium. Whether bumpy or smooth, translucent or frosted—glass has its own special look and feel.

2. Even if your design features one simple flower, you’ll be part of a TRADITION dating back to the cathedrals of Europe. Their rows of radiant windows depicted Bible stories for an illiterate population.

3. CHOOSING GLASS is an exciting step, if you know a supplier with a wide selection. A light table is useful in trying different combinations of colors and textures.

4. If you’re in a group or class, it’s fun to SHARE IDEAS and to see all the other projects come to life. (See link at left for a studio in SE Kansas.)

5. There’s nothing like the SNAP of glass, precisely along a line you have drawn and scored. If it breaks in the wrong place, be patient. Scoring curves and holding pliers correctly take practice. Allow enough glass for mistakes. Save leftovers for a mosaic stepping-stone!

6. The hum of the GRINDER, and the rhythm as your hands guide each piece against the head for a smooth, perfect shape, make this stage quite restful for a glass artist. Remember to wear goggles.

7. FITTING the pieces like a jigsaw, with just enough space for foiling, can be very rewarding. While it’s important to draw the pattern accurately in the early stages, you can still make adjustments, re-cutting and grinding if needed.

8. Wrapping COPPER FOIL around the pieces can be done at home, once you get used to adhering the strip evenly to front and back. For larger or more advanced projects, LEAD CAME will be used instead of copper.

9. You’ll love watching a shiny bead of liquid SOLDER form as you carefully move the iron tip along the seams. Next comes the BURNISHING stage, buffing the whole panel to a streak-free finish.

10. By the time you attach the chain you'll probably know where to hang your work – in a spot that catches lots of LIGHT. It will be a unique HEIRLOOM, to keep or to give, for years of enjoyment.

Through the windows of my home office, the afternoon sun throws rich blue and green jewel tones across the walls and carpet, as I plan my next stained glass project. It is addictive. You have been warned!

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By small daily increments, there will be...

Less junk food, more veggies
~ start at the store.

Less caffeine, more water
~ for calmer nerves and smoother skin.

Less judging, more grace
~ give advice only if solicited.

Less yakking, more listening
~ but speak up if necessary.

Less whining, more appreciation
~ via words written & spoken.

Less procrastination, more manuscript submissions
~ set deadlines.

Less regret, more laughter
~ though a good wallow once in a while is OK.

Less sleeping late, more tasks completed
~ take a nap when done.

Less TV, more creative pursuits
~ though some may be simultaneous.

Less fear, more faith
~ based on what God has done in the past. Read More 
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