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Last week, instead of a "to do" list, I started an "I don't do" list. Coincidentally, the next day I received an e-newsletter from writer friend Mary Demuth, in which she recommended the same exercise, and listed her own don't-do's.

Here are mine:

I don't do windows - not often, anyway. So when I do get around to it, the difference is noticeable.

I don't play games on Facebook. I don't need anymore addictions. I spend enough time keeping up with friends' news and pictures.

I don't get up early, unless I have to - always been a night owl.

I don't forward political emails, especially when the source of a quote is dubious, or I'm told bad luck will befall me if I delete.

I don't watch sports, apart from Wimbledon highlights or certain Olympic events. I have no clue who's who in football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, and never wear team colors. That said, I did attend some events in Dallas - Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, plus whatever kids' teams our daughter played on. And now I'm proud of the Blue Devils in Sedan, Kansas.

I don't work out at the gym. I prefer walking and swimming laps.

I don't color my hair these days. I will grow old and gray gracefully. I don't get manicures or pedicures. A shape-up and a coat of clear polish is enough.

I don't go camping. Been there, done that, but not since my 30s.

I don't follow any of the singing and dancing competitions on TV, or any reality shows.

I don't grow vegetables, because I possess neither green thumb (US) nor green fingers (UK). Much as I love plants, they wilt when they see me coming. The only flowers I produce are made of stained glass or paint.

I don't serve on committees. Above all, never ask me to be treasurer. Not that I'm dishonest, just incompetent when it comes to money and figures.

Now it's time to go do what I DO do! Read More 
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