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My 3 great-nieces in Texas

INKSMITH WRITERS assignment for October 2019. Independence, Kansas (where we meet) holds a unique and popular celebration called Neewollah, just before Halloween. We had to come up with alternative words to a Christmas tune. Mine is Jingle Bells. 


Dashing up the street 

On a dark October night:

A phantom in a sheet,

Giving folks a fright!

Shrek, all painted green;

A princess with a crown;

The grandest floats you've ever seen,

Parading through the town.


Oh! Neewollah, Halloween,

Call it what you will;

Buckets full of candy,

Be careful not to spill.

Neewollah, Halloween

Call it what you may;

Time for girls and boys and ghouls

And ghosts to come and play.


Choosing what to wear,

Characters from books;

Clowns with yellow hair;

Pirates wielding hooks.

Bob Cratchit and his lad;

A hero in a cape,

Made with love by Mom or Dad,

Secured with Velcro tape.


Oh! Neewollah, Halloween,

Call it what you will;

Beware of Freddie Kruger

And the joker, out to kill!

Neewollah, Halloween,

Call it what you may;

Get your kicks tonight, my friends:

Tomorrow's All Saints Day!



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