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Last Monday was a perfect evening for a walk around the neighborhood in crop pants and sandals - warm, with a slight breeze. Rays of light burst through the clouds like a preview of Christ's return, and Nature sang His praises! Jet behaved perfectly on her leash, staying by my side, not pulling ahead as Shadow used to. I wonder if the young volunteers at the animal shelter trained her to do this. Even Carmen's three Pyrenees dogs kept their distance, and Jet didn't bark at them the way she does when in the front yard. We saw one swallowtail, one blue jay, two robins, three flocks of cedar waxwings, and a pair of cardinals in their customary nesting tree on Woolsey Road. The redbuds are in full bloom, later than in previous years. I prayed for the residents of these white and pink frame houses and mobile homes, especially the kids in an aging population. God is blessing our little corner of the heartland. Read More 

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