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[No character is intended to represent anyone I know, alive or dead.]


Every year, we dragged from the attic a dusty, plastic tree.
We decked its flimsy boughs with tarnished balls, despondently.
“Not this Christmas,” Father said,
“Now that Aunt Matilda’s dead.”
“I agree,” said Uncle Bruce.
“Let’s cut down a fresh, green spruce.”

Each of us would draw one name, recipient of one gift.
It led to deep resentment and created many a rift.
“Not this Christmas!” Momma joked,
“Since your Aunt Matilda croaked.”
Cousin Doug said, “That’s good news.
Give whatever to whom you choose.”

She used to make low-fat, low-carb desserts that no one liked.
Woe betide a guest who brought some eggnog that was spiked.
“Not this year. We’ll have a blast,”
Said Grandpa. “Old Matilda’s passed.
Lace the punch and sweeten the pies.
Ask Santa for clothes in a larger size!”

Lunch was always somber. Kids were seen, but never heard.
Pets were banished from the house, even a cat that purred.
“Not this Christmas. Bring your dogs!
Matilda dear has popped her clogs,”
Said Grandma. “You are free to play.
Enjoy a loud, rambunctious day.”

Year in, year out, through Auntie’s gripes and gossip we had sat.
“God rest her soul,” my sister sighed. “She’s gone, and that is that.”
Then Uncle Ron proposed a toast
To banish Aunt Matilda’s ghost.
So all the women, kids, and men
Cried, “Not this Christmas. Never again!”

© Hazel Spire 2012 Read More 
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