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As one who lived through the 1970s in my twenties, I didn’t recognize “That ‘70s Show” (which appeared on TV in the ‘90s) as true to the decade. Were we really that moronic in our speech and dress? Am I just ashamed to admit it? I guess anything can seem normal at the time, even new fads that take a while to accept, at least for parents. Yet, trawling the albums today, we laugh at photos of our Afro hair, platforms shoes, bold, striped sweaters, and clunky technology.

It has been suggested to me that kids prefer to read stories set in today’s time. But time-travel books like the Magic Tree House series remain popular, and the Seventies are long enough ago to contrast with 21st century life in an amusing way. What, no cell phones? No video games? Mom, Dad, Grandma, what did you do for fun?

If the characters’ thoughts and feelings are genuine, they will resonate with kids today. Family conflict, friendship, jealousy, ambition, fear, etc. are part of the human condition, which hasn’t changed since Cain killed Abel.

As the decade draws to a close, the residents of Hickory Bend will looks forward to the brave new world of the 1980s. Wahoo! Read More 
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