Homeward Tracks

RaeMark Press 2003 $6.00
36-page chapbook illustrated by author
Rhymed poetry, free verse & haiku.
Theme: People & places near & far, from England to Texas and Oklahoma.
Some works have appeared in Quilt World, Sands Review, Runnymede Arts, Mature Years, On the Line, and Poets' Gallery. Most have been performed at open mic venues.

Sample poems:

After the last bus rumbled up the hill,
When all outside my room grew sleepy-still,
My restless adolescent spirit found
Assurance in the sea's melodic sound.
Thoughts tumbled on the tide as, day by day,
I shared its moods from green to glaucous grey--
Each rolling swell, each white-capped dash for home,
The rattle of stones in backward surging foam
With scalloped edge like lace on a bridal gown--
And vowed I'd never live in an inland town.
Five thousand miles away and forty years on,
Buses, weddings, tides, have come and gone;
But after the last train clatters down the track
In traffic's dull roar my sea song echoes back.

Two cats on the step face the dusk,
still as a pair of mantel ornaments.
A curly-haired child, wonder in her eyes
reaches for the man-in-the-moon's
sad countenance. Chains creak a benediction
as we swing and dream, swing and dream,
soft-wrapped in quilt of evening.
Reasons to stay here, reasons to leave,
glide on the clouds beyond the rusty barn.
Crickets hidden in pecan trees fiddle summer
away; the air pulsates with their finale.