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Secret of the Seventh Gate

Novel for ages 9-13. Set in Pre-Revolutionary Iran. Jandy Graham likes living in there until the anonymous phone calls begin.

Can she still be best friends with Maryam? Will her brother's adopted dog escape the men who throw rocks? Must the principal cancel the school production of Ali Baba? Does the growing hostility force her family to return to Texas? With Maryam, Cracker, and Meshki the dog, Jandy investigates mysterious happenings at the school, bazaar and mosque.


"This book was very exciting and interesting. I really enjoyed it and I kept on wanting to find out what was going to happen next." Emma (11)

"An exciting and unusual adventure story. The foreign atmosphere comes across very well - good feeling of suspense." Freda (Writer in Liverpool)

"Combination of ‘whodunit’ and political thriller. I like the way that Jandy’s friendship for Maryam is valid whether or not Maryam becomes a Christian. Lovely local color in the bazaar. It makes me want to go there. Child readers will appreciate the car chase!" Cherith Baldry, author Of A Rush of Golden Wings.

"An exciting cross-cultural story. I was blessed with your book. It is well written and has a good message." Abe Ghaffari (Iranian Christians International)