Tapestry of Time

2nd chapbook, with author's drawings & photos. RaeMark Press, 2006. $7 incl P&P. Order from hazelspire@sbcglobal.net.


After the Rapture (rondel)

My friends have flown.
I'm left behind.
I closed my mind
To Scriptures shown.

I should have known
But I was blind.
My friends have flown.
I'm left behind.

My heart is stone.
I'm in a bind,
To Fate resigned.
I'm all alone.
My friends have flown.
I'm left behind.


Voices (April 2003)

At the end of "The Hours" the music plays on.
I emerge from the cinema into the mall,
lost in a daydream. Driving home, I see taillights
ahead, stuck on red. Construction. Congestion.
Voices echo in my brain--memories
of the movie. Not, thank God,
those malevolent voices that spoke
to Virginia Woolf (and my Nana)
from London walls between the wars.

As I sip cappuccino, the voice from Paris
via car radio reports a NATO standoff.
France said, "Non!" to bolstering Turkey,
like de Gaulle in the '60s when he told Britain
"Non!" to joining the Common Market.
I remember the bold headline
and cartoon-like nose of his profile.

It's a perfect day for kids to wear shorts,
bounce a ball, play tag along the sidewalk
beside their mom with the stroller.
Synpases buzz, connecting their lives
with mine, present with past.

An author reads from her novel on NPR,
noting how brutal--and gentle--people can be.
In Kabul, a journalist rejoices that the children
are back in school. Seeing them with their satchels
he stands in the street and weeps.