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This collection from RAEMARK PRESS includes poems previously published in three chapbooks. CATCHING THE TRADE WINDS will take you on a voyage of discovery and delight. Here are sonnets, haiku, free verse, and traditional rhymes, embracing the beauty of language and life's changing scenes. Tributes to Keats, Tennyson, Ginsberg, and others make this book a handy resource for teachers.

Arrowhead's Lost Hoard

While staying at Dad's new home on Arrowhead Island, England, 12-year-old Craig and his 9-year-old sister Kim investigate the strange guest at Lavender Lodge and unearth a Roman hoard, as well as their stepbrother Tony's guilty secret.

Riddle of the Samovar

See what happens after Jandy returns to Texas. Does she still have friends in Hickory Bend? Will she see her friend Maryam again? The delivery of an antique samovar kick-starts a new case for code-cracking brother Calvin. And whatever happened to Meshki, the dog he left in Iran? Anti-Iranian prejudice escalates in November 1979, when students take over the US Embassy in Tehran. Meanwhile the kids at Lone Star Theater rehearse Alice in Wonderland - with a Texas twist!

Secret of the Seventh Gate

***** Rating on "This Persian adventure helps young readers to learn about the Iranian culture through the eyes of Jandy, Maryam, and Cracker. It's hard to stop turning pages as these kids try to uncover the secret behind the Seventh Gate.... It will capture the interest of young readers with its suspense and action." ~ Michelle, San Ramon, CA

"It was so exciting I even got up early just to read it." ~ Joanne (8), England


Hugging a sketchpad, Jandy scuffed her sandals down the dusty sidewalk in Shekarabad, Iran. Ideas for an art project buzzed like mosquitoes in her brain. If only they could drive out the memory of last night's phone calls.

Jandy hadn't been so scared since Dad's job brought her here three years ago. Everything had seemed so strange and different then, until an Iranian girl called Maryam made her feel at home.

Maryam, still her best friend, dawdled behind with her dark head buried in a script. She was so caught up in their school Christmas play that Jandy hadn't told her about the phone calls yet.

"How can I help you, Ali Baba?" said Maryam, reading the part of Morgiana the slave girl. "Your secret is safe with me, Ali Baba."


The line crackled. Jandy cleared her throat. "Are you still there? Can you hear me?"

Finally a man spoke with a heavy accent. "Americans go home. We do not want you here."

Bugsy, Slug, the Beatles and Me

Bugsy, Slug, the Beatles and Me was published in the Barnes & Noble Frisco Poets 3rd anthology, November 2003. It is also the title essay for a book of memoirs planned for 2019.

A Song For Irene

Do you have a favorite teacher? Most of us have one that stands out as being especially kind, or fun, or wise. Mine taught 2nd year juniors (like American 3rd grade)at my first school on the Isle of Wight. Miss Wheeler also played the piano for Assembly and led the school choir to victory in the Music Festival. Very sweet, but when we pushed her out!

Thomas Hardy's Turning Point

How Hardy's last novel was attacked by critics. His success a poet, and loss of faith in God. Useful resource for high school or college students. Send for a free copy.